Smart home technology and home automation have come a long way in improving the way in which we enjoy life. Full control over areas of your home, with the option of smart device or manual control makes living life to the fullest extremely convenient today.

Imagine a home that welcomes you the moment you step through the doors:

1. Having given your thermostat a head start through your smartphone on your way home, your kingdom of comfort awaits, already cooled to the perfect temperature or warmed to the coziest setting.

2. Whether you prefer waking up to relaxing nature soundscapes during your morning mediation, or winding down to smooth jazz in your Italian kitchen by Cesar, adjust the atmosphere in your home to fit the mood easily through your mobile device.


3. The dishes are put away and you’re finally sinking into the couch to shut your eyes and relax. Dim the lights right then and there with your smart device, and queue your classical playlist to begin with your preferred streaming service. Your own private symphony ensues.


4. As your head hits the pillow, you realize you could have bumped up the thermostat a few degrees. Already under the blankets, you make the adjustment again, then and there from your smart phone or tablet.

5. Can’t remember if you locked the doors before crawling into bed? Achieve peace of mind and extra assurance at the touch of a button once again, from – you guessed it, your smart device. Even if you’ve left the house, you can still access your door locks and alarm system, on a secure network you can trust.


6. Along with all this technology, for those of us who still put our trust in the good old house key, for some home automation systems, the choice to manually access and control home security systems remain. This gives you options in access and control, ensuring that each new generation is as compatible with the past as it is with the future.

Home automation provides us opportunities in living that previously were not possible. Flexible and full control, anytime, anywhere – a technology we embrace in our new River Green Community homes.

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